Sunscreen and other weather protection (sunglasses, sleeves, light raincoat, etc.)
Hat or visor
Valid Ohio fishing licenses for anyone 17 or older www.ohiodnr.com
Soft soled shoes (No boots or hard shoes)
Whatever drinks and snacks you like. You will get hungry
Motion sickness medication
Cooler to take fish home (leave in vehicle until after trip)
Patience and a positive attitude

All of the bait, tackle, rods, reels, storage, and ice for fish on the boat.
Necessary safety equipment
A first mate when needed (works on tips)

There is zero tolerance for any illegal drugs
No hard liquor is permitted
Beer must be in cans or plastic bottles
No glass permitted

Cash is preferred, but we also accept Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle, and
credit cards with a 4% fee.

Venmo @mike-Dowdall-2
Paypal Mike Dowdall
Zelle Mike Dowdall
Cash App $hookinghogs68

4605 Pandanarum Rd
Geneva, OH 44041

Please park in the marina parking lot, not the boat launch. I will meet you at the
marina store.

Typically we suggest arriving 15 minutes before departing to avoid a rush start.
This allows everyone to get settled in before the boat leaves the dock.
Departure times are determined by the sunrise and the season.

Yes, 6 per person for Walleye, 10 per person for Perch

Yes, we can provide fish cleaning services for an additional fee.

Up to 5 people, 6 upon special approval from the captain

We suggest that you take motion sickness medicine (i.e. Dramamine) the night
before and the morning of. We recommend keeping breakfast portions to a
minimum. You can eat once out on the lake and your body becomes
accustomed to the water. In the event your sickness becomes intolerable,
we will cut the trip short and return to dock. The captain will let you
make the call. There will be no refund for returning early.

There are many places in the area to get a meal, ranging from the wineries
to the strip. A popular option is to do “Hook and Cook” at The Boot American
Country Saloon just south of the marina. They will take a portion of your catch
and cook it for you for a small fee while you relax after a day of fighting walleye.
A great way to end a day of fishing!

If canceled 7 days or more before your trip you will get a full refund or you
can reschedule your charter. If you cancel within 7 days you will lose your

Safety is of the utmost importance. The Captain will make that decision and
notify you with as much advance notice as possible to reschedule your charter.